About us.

About the CWMDA.

The Canadian Woodworking Machinery Distributors Association (CWMDA) represents nine major organizations and has been serving the industry for well over 30 years. They are leaders in their respective fields, representing internationally recognized and prestigious brands, helping our manufacturers to improve their technological competence and competitiveness.  All members share the same values in terms of professional advice and dedicated service. When you deal with a CWMDA member, you know that the value will be there and that your investment will be worthwhile. Learn more by visiting cwmda-acdmb.ca

About the WTD.

In 2020, the CWMDA members have decided to group together and create a new event that would offer a much broader display of specialized production machinery, without the space limitations and the costs related to a traditional trade show. The WTD takes full advantage of eight extensive showrooms located in Mississauga, Brampton and Cambridge, which allows to show a wide variety of machines and offer a higher number of live demos in a most suitable “Open House” formula. Our goal is to provide visitors with a closer, one-to-one experience, where applications and other aspects of a machinery project can be discussed with professionals.